Women's Kick-Off Dinner

SIGN UP NOW for the Women's Kick-Off Dinner!
The theme is "Bammel and her Amazing Technicolor Coat of Many Colors!" 
Friday, January 19 at 7:00pm in the Ministry Building (doors open at 6pm)
Cost: $15 - You do not want to miss this evening!

We invite you to be a part of a Bible study! These classes will be offered in the Spring of 2018.


Sunday Mornings

Room 202 OR the library (across from room 202) is set aside for contemplative quiet and journaling during the Bible Class hour (10:45-11:30am)

Tuesday Bible Studies

Two classes will be offered this Spring:

Using Precept materials:

  • Part 1 - "Passing the Mantle - Elijah and Elisha"
  • Part 2 - "Sermon on the Mount"

Video teachings:

  • Part 1 - "The Gospel of Mark" by Lisa Harper
  • Part 2 - "Redeemed" by Angela Thomas-Pharr

Wednesday Evenings

"Think Differently" by James MacDonald
Jan. 3-Mar. 28 in the Community Room

Why do we lose our temper? Why do we tend to hurt those we care for most? How do families find themselves broken? The reason is often the way we think.

If you repeatedly find yourself in places where you don't want to go, it's your thinking that's leading you there. This Bible study on strongholds examines how they came to be... and offers believers a biblical path toward repentance and the renewing of their minds. God offers our only hope for victory over disposition, dysfunction, double-mindedness, and every other mental stronghold. With Him, we can think differently.

Teacher: James MacDonald via video
Facilitator: Gail Matthews