Our Vision

We are committed to bringing the best life to our community by loving God and pouring into others. We believe that the best life is a life that is reconciled to God and reconciled to others.


Our mission


  • By committing to a transforming relationship with Jesus
  • By conveying God's good news simply, creatively, and powerfully
  • By worshiping Him with all we have and all we are


  • By introducing them to Jesus
  • By living in genuine, unified community with each other
  • By sacrificing for our communities
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We are deeply convicted that God is leading us to tear down walls between people and build bridges in their place in a one-mile radius around our building, specifically in the areas of:

  • Racial reconciliation | restoring relationships strained by prejudice or ignorance
  • Economic reconciliation | removing barriers society places between classes
  • Generational reconciliation | facilitating inter-generational relationships and mutually-edifying conversation
  • Social reconciliation | enfolding those society has relegated to the fringe

The future

We see a future in which every Bammel member is a disciple and a disciple-maker.

We see a future in which the Bammel family provides hope to people who are desperately in need of it.

We see a future that includes the 1960 area and Bammel church together under the reign of Jesus Christ.