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We Believe in Community.

There are several ways to be in community with others at Bammel, but one of the best ways is to join a Life Group. A Life Group is an intentional, face-to-face gathering of a small group of people on a regular time schedule with the common purpose of growing in Christ, encouraging one another, and reaching out to those who don't know Christ. We call our small groups Life Groups because we are doing life together.

Life Group signups happen in early fall, but you are welcome to join a group at any time. Let us help you find a group that's right for you.

We’ve been blessed to be in 3 different life groups over the years and it’s been a great way to get to know people and build friendships! Learning, through experience, how to love one another.
— Dorothy Andreas
Life Groups are an important part of our faith walk. Connection with other believers at Bammel is needed by each one of us and Life Groups are the best way to make it happen. I first met many long time brothers and sisters at Bammel in our Life Group almost 40 years ago and we still have a bond of loving each other and helping one another today. At the same time I am growing closer to the people in my current Life Group.
— Ben Backor
Life groups are an amazing way to experience community and become part of said community. My wife and I REALLY LOVE our life group. It’s the best part of our week other than the main worship gathering on campus. Get connected and become part of something supernatural.
— Kevin Wilson