Serving gives us purpose, strengthens our faith, and builds community. We have opportunities to serve both within our church family as well as in our community and world. For some, this is a great first step, growing in faith while you serve. For others, this step comes later, once you've spent time getting to know our Bammel family and begun to develop a relationship with Jesus.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

One great way to begin discovering your giftedness and strengths is to take a Spiritual Gifts Assessment. When you know more about how God has uniquely gifted you, it makes it easier to find out what kinds of opportunities might be a good fit - not just for building others up, but to give you life as well. We encourage everyone to take this assessment because it is a wonderful tool for learning more about yourself and how you have been created to bless others.

If you would like to discuss your results with someone, please contact us at We would love to hear what you discovered about yourself in this process!