What is Journey Land?


Journey Land is a hand-on, multi-sensory, multidimensional, Bible education program, based on our growing knowledge of how children best develop and retain long-tern knowledge and understanding.

Journey Land is dynamic learning!

Our Elementary-aged children will experience Journey Land during the Sunday morning Bible class time. Each age group will stay together and visit a different workshop rotation room each Sunday over the course of 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks, children will visit each of the workshop rotation rooms - Game Land, Music Land, Story Land, Drama Land, Navigation Land and Creation Land. Each 6 weeks there will be one major Bible story that children will learn, each week uniquely presented by the type of workshop room.

In a nutshell, Journey Land takes one major Bible story and presents different segments or facets of the story in depth, in a series of theme-based rooms over a period of weeks. Teachers repeat their own segment of that main story as groups of kids rotate from room to room each week.

We want to provide experiences and insights that will help our children know and understand God. Each child is created as an individual with unique gifts and abilities. Each child learns differently. Presenting the Bible through many different methods of learning provides ALL children an opportunity to learn more about their Creator in a way that best speaks to them!

What are the different rooms?

Game Land

Playing interactive games (emphasis on active!) is a fun way to reinforce and review key concepts, facts, and memory objectives.
Intelligences addressed: linguistic-verbal, bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, interpersonal

Music Land

Learn the Bible story through music and song. Music imbeds memory. Children will lift their voice in song but also explore different types of instruments, add sign language to songs, learn songs in other languages, play memory games, and explore some of the music from God's word - the poetry of the Bible!
Intelligences addressed: musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal

Story Land

Using a variety of story-telling techniques, the entire story is told, bringing all the story segments together cohesively. Puppets, visual aids, object lessons and more will help children to grasp the main concept and reinforces the context of the story in God's overall plan for us.
Intelligences addressed: intrapersonal, linguistic-verbal

Drama Land

Learn the Bible story through acting it out! Bible stories are reenacted using stage sets, lighting, costumes and props. All children have the opportunity to learn the story while performing on the stage!
Intelligences addressed: linguistic-verbal, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, visual-spatial

Navigation Land

Explore WHEN in our timeline the Bible story took place and WHERE. Explore the culture at the time of the story and why certain aspects of the story might be understood differently when viewed through the lens of the culture at the time. Exposing children to the chronology, geography and culture surrounding the Bible story helps them understand the historical context of the story. Look through Google Earth to see WHERE in the world we are talking about. Create artifacts from that time period. Learn different customs. This is a fun rotation for any history-buffs!
Intelligences addressed: linguistic-verbal, visual-spatial, interpersonal, logical-mathematical, naturalistic, bodily-kinesthetic

Creation Land

This workshop is designed for "hands on" experiences. The child creates, designs, and implements various projects that demonstrate concrete application of the lesson concepts and principles. Art, Science and Cooking projects allow children to explore and apply Biblical truths in a way they will remember! Cook and eat your own Passover bread! Create and paint your own coat of many colors! Learn through creativity!
Intelligences addressed: visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, logical-mathematical, naturalistic

How Can I Get Involved?

We need volunteers! Commitment for volunteers is 12 weeks.

Volunteer positions

Workshop Rotation Teacher: You will teach the same lesson for 6 weeks in a row. Each week you will see a different group and will present the lesson tailored to that age group. The lessons are provided for you. The preparation for the lessons is up to you. Contact Tabitha if you need any supplies, preferably before your first Sunday of teaching!

Journey Man: Each age group needs two Journey Men to travel with them. The Journey Men are there to build relationships with the kids and provide consistency throughout the changing of rooms and teachers. Journey Men will spend the first 15 minutes of class leading the group through prayer requests and Bible memory verses. Journey Men are helpers in the room, but not responsible for teaching.

Interested in helping, but not sure how? Check the sign up and select that!
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