Can you help us take these kids out to dinner and shopping for school supplies? Pick up and drop off at Bammel, go out to eat, and help buy what they need for school this year. We have around 250 kids who need shoppers!

Max cost is $90/child. If you can donate money but can't shop, there is a donation box on the signup form. If you can shop but can't cover the cost, let us know that on the form as well.


how it works


The Impact children will be ready to go to dinner and for shopping at 6:00 pm.  Please come the Bammel gym at 6:00 pm to pick them up.

Dinner:  This is most important!!  This is the time to visit with your child and get to know him/her.  Sit down, visit, and share some giggles!!! Time spent with a child is much more important than material things.  Chick-fil-A at 1960 and Walters is prepared for the Bammel crowd, along with Ci-Ci’s Pizza at 1960 and Veterans Memorial, the McDonald's in Wal-Mart and by church.  

Shopping:  Wal-Mart at TC Jester and 1960 has a basic pre-packaged school supply kit just for these children at the back of the store.  Wal-Mart has already discounted these items, so there will not be an additional discount at the register.  You may also purchase shoes and clothing.  Please stay within $90 to avoid hurt feelings on the bus. 

*Regular backpacks are not needed, as most of the schools require a clear or mesh back pack.  Please consider purchasing your child shoes instead, as these are most needed.

*Lunch boxes are not needed, as the majority of these children are on free or reduced lunch programs.



If you have any questions, please call Ryan Collins 713-557-7297.